During my 2.5 years working for Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Food Publications, I had the opportunity to have work published in over 40 titles. Physical copies may be viewed upon request.



Assigned to design/lay out the entire 128-page issue of Holiday Baking 2012, under the art direction of Stephanie Hunter. Below are a few excerpts & stories from the issue.

018-021 Pretty Packages-1

018-021 Pretty Packages-2

008-009 Let It Snow2

Pastry Shop-1

Pastry Shop-2

080-091 Pastry Shop-3

080-091 Pastry Shop-5

080-091 Pastry Shop-4

080-091 Pastry Shop-6

Assigned various page layouts & art direction for the 2012 issue of Eat Well, Lose Weight.

 Below: Art Direction, Styling, and Page Layout for “Drive-Thru Diet Picks” found in Eat Well, Lose Weight 2012.


Below: Page Layout for “The Skinny” found in Eat Well, Lose Weight 2012. Photo Art Direction: Jarrett Einck

008-011 The Skinny-1