The Thickers Alignment Tool is a product I created while on the product development team at American Crafts. After extensive research, I found that crafters often struggle with properly aligning their alphabet stickers on scrapbook pages or cards. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of space words will take and before you know it, you’re at the edge of the page and your layout now says, “CONGRATUL..” This product was designed with 5 transparent grid-guides (in different shapes) allowing the crafter to position the letters before adhering them to the page.

I spent several months working solo on this project all the way from conceptualization to the technical drawings, sourcing, and packaging design. The video below is a promotional video shot by Jordan Kartchner.

This product was featured on HSN and is currently being sold by domestic and international retailers.

I was responsible for the conceptualizing, technical product drawings, and packaging.


Product Appearance on the Home Shopping Network: