Megan Faulkner Brown, Owner and Baker behind The Sweet Tooth Fairy, partnered with American Crafts in 2016 to create a line of food crafting and party products for large craft chains. I was the Art Director of this product line and designed and oversaw everything from initial product concept, design,¬†sourcing, packaging, photography, and catalog marketing. With a market saturated with several “big” food crafting brands, we sought to bring innovation to the baking scene by developing everything from a collapsible cake stand, a wand that dispenses sprinkles (something any baking fairy would need!), a DIY Sprinkle Magic system, as well as accessories to elevate¬†your party. I am very proud of this product line, as I was able to see the very product ideas that I had sketched on paper to be picked up exclusively by Michaels Craft Stores and displayed on the shelves of over 900 stores.

Art Direction & Lead Designer: Melissa Fallon
Photography: In-House AC
Junior Designer: Courtney Mahon