The Svolta Identity was a semester long project completed while studying abroad in Rome, Italy in Fall 2012. Logo-type was hand drawn and rendered.

More on the project: After completing extensive research on a specific neighborhood/district in Rome, I then had to develop a business & identity system based on what I found to be the specific needs of that area. My district in Rome, the Trastevere Neighborhood, was an residential area rich in history and family roots. After researching & analyzing the area, I found a need to bring in a fun dining experience that allowed the locals to indulge in their favorite sweet treat, while providing a new experience from their traditional routine. In an area rich in tradition and family dining, Svolta was designed as an “individualized” gelato experience, that allowed the customer to personalize their creation based on their individual preferences. After observing the district to be┬áprimarily┬áneutral in color & poor in typography, I set off to design the identity that would attract customers by introducing more vibrant colors & bold typography. Throughout the step-by-step menu, the interactive digital applications, and the bold advertising campaigns, the Svolta brand was designed for the customer to feel in control of their experience; something not found in the present day Trastevere district.

This project received “Judges Choice” at the 2013 Art Directors of Iowa Student Competition.


Print for Final-11


Svolta Posters-13